Seigaiha (waves)

Our flagship pen case. First used in the sixth century, the seigaiha is a quintessentially Japanese pattern depicting the waves of the sea.

High technology meets hand-finishing

A single piece of laser-cut fabric wraps around an impact-resistant internal frame to create the perfect housing for your pens. The curvature of the frame and its semi-rigid construction allow the frame to deform and automatically restore itself upon impact, absorbing the forces that would otherwise damage pens housed within.

A fabric tab on the front of the case functions as a pull tab when opening the case, while an identical tab inside the case protects your pens from the inner stud. A removable divider in matching fabric runs the full internal length of the case, separating both pens entirely and preventing them from touching each other.

The regular case fits pens of up to 140 mm (+2 mm tolerance), while the oversize case fits pens of up to 150 mm (+2 mm tolerance), including the Montblanc 149 and the Pelikan M1000.

Examples of pens that have been tested to fit the regular case:
Lamy 2000, most TWSBIs