Iridescent indigo; Bank Paper

The iridescent indigo fabric in which this unique diary is cased is the perfect blend of traditional techniques and modern innovation.

Indigo with a modern twist

The first in our new series of special edition journals featuring unique cloth and paper selections, this diary is cased in an indigo-dyed cotton to which a natural iridescent dye has been added in a painstaking hand-dyeing process.

The mesmerising result sees this fabric catching and reflecting indigo, red and purple light from thread to thread, depending on the angle at which it is held.

Bank Paper

Made in small batches at Mitsubishi's paper mill in Himeji, Japan, Bank Paper was first created for use in bank ledgers at the Mitsubishi Group's financial arm in 1960.

Seeking both adaptability to everything from pencils to fountain pens and the strength to withstand constant use in a busy ledger, Mitsubishi's engineers combined a proprietary blend of two pulps and a special cooking process to create Bank Paper, a unique paper with a slight texture and a gentle off-white colour.

The texture and grain of the paper help soften one's writing, making it suitable for diarists, artists and anyone who wants a stronger, more substantial handfeel from their paper than Tomoe River provides.

Socially conscious craftsmanship

Every Musubi journal is handbound in Singapore by a team of artisans with physical and intellectual disabilities. Your purchase funds employment opportunities for these talented individuals.

Gift packaging included

Every diary comes ready to gift, packaged in a Musubi box with a certificate hand-signed by our team of artisans with disabilities. The certificate doubles as a bookmark and has a grid guide sheet printed on its reverse side.