Craftsmanship born of obsession. A book like no other.

The entirely handsewn, hand-cased Musubi diary. Come see.

Every diary tells a story.

Perhaps it's the story of ambition.

Perhaps it's the story of a dream fulfilled, or a love lost and gained.

Perhaps it's just the story of a breeze in a park, a whispered word, a passing stranger on the street, a glance full of longing.

Most importantly, it's the story of where you've been, and the story of where you're going.

Every diary tells a story. What will yours be?

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Craftsmanship born of obsession.

Our diaries are built to be your companion for life. That's why we make them entirely by hand - and we do mean entirely.

Sewing pages into the book block? We do it by hand, with needle and thread.

Wrapping the fabric around the blank? That's by hand too, with a brush, bookbinding paste and plenty of patience.

There's only one way things are done here at Musubi: the high-quality, no-compromises, old-fashioned way.

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It all begins with fabric.

We select the very best from a Japanese clothmaking tradition going back hundreds of years, sourcing from small-batch family makers, modern manufactories and vintage suppliers alike.

From cottons to wools and even cashmeres, every Musubi fabric is picked for its incredible handfeel and the durability that comes with being Made In Japan.

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A paper so ridiculous, it's practically magic.

Within that fabric we envelop a Japanese paper known as Tomoe River - considered by many fountain pen enthusiasts to be the holy grail of writing paper.

Specially coated using a proprietary technique, Tomoe River's thinness and light weight bely its unparalleled colourfastness and minimal bleedthrough. Writing is believing.

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Tell a story with meaning.

We saved the best for last. Every diary is handmade in Singapore by an artisan living with a physical disability.

We work together with an organisation dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities into mainstream society. Your support opens up a world of opportunities for these talented individuals.

The Musubi handmade diary

Before you order

Every diary is entirely handmade by our team of artisans with disabilities.

All diaries are A5 size, with 200 unlined pages (100 sheets) for a whole year of journaling. They feature endsheets of grained Japanese cardstock, 52gsm white Tomoe River diary paper, and are handsewn to lie flat whilst open without any assistance.

Each diary includes a certificate hand-signed by our artisans. The certificate contains space on the front to write a gift note for your recipient, and a printed grid on the back for you to tuck behind your current page as a guide while writing. A tab on the side allows you to mark your page.

We carry a small ready stock in each pattern and colour. Diaries that are in stock will ship as soon as possible. Diaries that are out of stock will be made to order and typically have a lead time of two to three weeks.

Signature collection

Our signature diaries represent the best of Japanese printwork and are available year-round.

Seigaiha (waves)

Our flagship diary. A quintessential Japanese pattern representing the waves of the sea.

98 SGD (~70 USD)

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Tonbo (dragonfly)

A celebration of all things living and moving, and the symbol of a good harvest, the dragonfly is a motif deeply embedded in Japanese culture.

98 SGD (~70 USD)

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Manekineko (fortune cat)

Fortune cats beckon from across a sea of hexagons filled with traditional Japanese patterns. Our most playful print, and immensely popular.

118 SGD (~82 USD)

Edo collection

Our Edo collection draws from the rich cultural tapestry of historical Japan, and is available year-round.

Iroha (Japanese syllabary poem)

The iroha is a poem in which each kana, or alphabet, of the Japanese hiragana script is used exactly once. In times past it was used as the ordering for the Japanese kana, the same way the ABC song is used in English.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

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Yagasuri (arrow)

The repeated yagasuri motif represents the tail feathers of an arrow, and was a common pattern in clothing for warriors.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

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Kikubishi (miniature chrysanthemum)

Multiple tiny chrysanthemum flowers repeated across a sea of indigo.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

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One of the oldest workwear patterns in the Japanese indigo tradition, usually made by tying the fabric with bamboo rinds before the dyeing process is applied.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

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Tate (vertical stripe)

This pattern of vertical strong and mild stripes was popular amongst Japanese fishermen and other professions who worked with their hands.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

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Uroko (scales)

Representing the scales of a fish, this pattern honours Japanese culture's proud, eternal relationship with the sea.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

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Shippou (Saptaratna, the seven treasures)

A classic pattern stemming from Japan's Buddhist tradition, the saptaratna is often found on sashiko-ori and other traditional Japanese fabrics.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

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Kiku-kikkou (chrysanthemum crest)

One of the oldest house crests amongst that of the Edo noble houses.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

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Takeda-bishi (Takeda house crest)

The traditional house crest of the Takeda clan, one of the most famous families of the Warring States era.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

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Igeta (Wellhead)

A depiction of the wooden frame around a well, this timeless pattern represents centuries of agricultural tradition in Japan.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

Seasonal collection

Our seasonal diaries showcase the breadth and beauty of Japanese printwork and are refreshed regularly.

Usagi (rabbit)

You'll crack a smile as you watch these playful rabbits sniff and scamper across the cover of your diary.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

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Fukurou (owl)

A real hoot. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) Colourful owls perch atop the entire length of this whimsical pattern.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

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Sakura (cherry blossoms)

Needing little introduction, the cherry blossom is the quintessential expression of that Japanese philosophical concept they call "mono no aware", or the impermanence of things. Blossoming only for a week or two in spring, these blooms wither as quickly as they come, reminding us to treasure each and every moment.

108 SGD (~77 USD)

Exotic collection

From wools to silks, cashmeres and beyond, our collection of rotating exotics is for those looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

Wool (rainbow nap)

This dark grey wool is streaked through with colourful accent threads in red, white, yellow and blue. Who says things need to be all work and no play?

158 SGD (~112 USD)

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Wool (speckled grey)

Closely knit for strength and with a short nap to resist pilling, this light grey speckled wool features an incredible handfeel akin to that of a wonderfully-made longcoat and a pattern like the fuzzy static of a old television. The perfect companion for a warm coat, a blustery wind and raindrops flowing down the windowpanes.

158 SGD (~112 USD)

Special orders

Beginning in 2018, the atelier will offer select clients the ability to construct the diary of their dreams.

Special order clients will select from a collection of vintage, rare and one-of-a-kind fabrics and papers, and personalise their diary by adding embossed initials on the inner cover.

The special order represents the pinnacle of our knowhow in bookmaking. Announcements about the opening of the special order window will be made here and on our Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Special orders are aimed at individual clients. Companies looking to place corporate orders should read the FAQ below.

Frequently asked questions

If your query isn't answered here, please write to us at our contact email in the section below with your specific question and we'll get back to you shortly.

Do you ship internationally? How much does shipping cost?

We ship from Singapore by registered airmail to any location in the world the postal service can reach.

Shipping charges are directly based on the rates Singpost charges us, and will automatically be calculated at checkout based on the weight of your order. Please note that in most countries we've shipped to, a signature is required to receive a registered package.

If your local postal service is unreliable and you would prefer we ship by an alternate method, please write to us. We have an arrangement with most major shipping companies and can arrange alternative shipping for an additional charge.

What payment options do you accept? Can I pay in my local currency?

We accept credit card payments through Stripe's secure payment system, which means that Musubi neither sees nor stores your credit card number. Customers logging into the website from supported Apple devices may also choose to pay by Apple Pay.

All prices are in Singapore dollars. Your issuing bank and credit card company determine the conversion rate to your local currency.

Do you have a retail storefront I can visit, or distributors I can buy from?

We do not have a retail presence or distributor network. This website is the only place from which you can purchase a Musubi diary.

We do occasionally exhibit at pen shows and other fairs around the world. Please follow our Instagram account at @ateliermusubi for updates on such events.

If you are in Singapore and would like to see our diaries in person, please write to us by email below and we'll set up an appointment at our office.

I need my order urgently. Do you accept rush orders?

In general, diaries are made in the order they are requested. Still, we understand that sometimes you may need your diary urgently as a gift for someone. Please write to us and we'll see what we can do.

Please note that rush orders may incur a significant upcharge if the diaries you require are not in stock.

Do you accept corporate orders?

We do. Please write us at the email below with your specific needs and we'll get back to you. We have significant experience working with hotels, private banks and other corporate clients, and can offer customisations that will help you represent and project your brand.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of our diaries, large orders may require a significant lead time.

Question not answered above? Let's talk.

Wondering about our materials and diaries?

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Interested in a corporate or bulk order?

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