Light, strong, durable, and with unbelievable colourfastness and accuracy, Tomoe River is the ideal paper for a lifetime of writing pleasure.

A diary is a vessel for your ideas, hopes and dreams, so it's natural that its paper should exhibit qualities fit for that purpose. It should be strong and light, so you can carry it everywhere and write in it at any time. It should be colourfast and accurate, to show off your writing, and your choice of pen and ink. And it should have the durability to last, so you can pass it down from generation to generation.

Tomoe River paper is the perfect answer to these needs. Originally developed for use in Japanese print catalogues, it is both incredibly light and incredibly strong. Its specialised, proprietary coating respects the colour, sheen and flow of the ink you use, and its durability and longevity mean a diary, carefully stored, will last a lifetime and more.