Selected for their natural materials, incredible handfeel, and Japanese quality and durability, our signature fabrics are the heart and soul of the Musubi atelier.

Whether draped around the body or wrapped around a diary, fabric breathes, falls, and flows with a warmth and vitality all its own. Under the light it shades and colours; under the hand it reveals the intricacies of its texture, fibre upon fibre looped into warp and weft.

Working directly with fabric makers large and small, the atelier creates and curates a selection of fabric from across the Japanese archipelago. From cottons to wools, silks and even cashmeres, every cut of cloth that makes it into the atelier is chosen for its colour, pattern, drape, and the signature handfeel that characterises each and every Musubi creation. When you pick one of our diaries and pen cases up for the first time, your hand will know.