Welcome to our atelier.

Built upon the twin pillars of obsessive craftsmanship and an enduring social mission, Musubi is an atelier devoted to the careful, ethical creation of small goods.

Our twin operations in Singapore and Indonesia exemplify our philosophy of direct impact:

  • In Singapore, our bookmaking atelier employs only persons with physical and intellectual disabilities, providing them the employment stability and opportunities they previously lacked.
  • In Indonesia, we train women from abusive family backgrounds in the same high-tech methods used to make our pen cases, providing them the skillset necessary to gain financial independence and escape their unfavourable circumstances.

The end result: every Musubi creation directly and measurably benefits the least fortunate amongst us. Come along with us as we tell a story with meaning.

A paper that's practically magic.

A diary is nothing without its paper. So we've chosen the very best.

Tomoe River is a Japanese speciality paper considered by many fountain pen enthusiasts to provide the holy grail of writing experiences. Specially coated using a proprietary technique, Tomoe River’s thinness and light weight bely its unparalleled colour accuracy and fastness, with minimal bleedthrough.