Peru: Shipibo-Conibo, monochrome

Mazelike and geometric, Shipibo-Conibo designs are etched painstakingly by hand using dyes made from a combination of berries, mahogany bark and mud from the banks of the Amazon. Their intricate patterns and motifs speak to the shamanistic heritage and cosmology of a proud people — from the Southern Cross that divides the night sky to the cosmic serpent that encompasses all creation.

Every village, family and weaver has their own unique pattern, passed down through generations of craftswomen. Your diary will feature the same overall black-and-white colour palette, but its pattern may differ from that pictured here.

The atelier thanks you for your overwhelming support. A restock is expected in March 2019.

Binding people together

Through its One Musubi initiative, the atelier reaches out to disadvantaged communities around the world threatened by everything from climate change to economic non-viability and even political and cultural discrimination. Working closely with local partners, the atelier uses its reach to give these indigenous artisans access to a wider market than they could achieve on their own.

Supporting communities, building understanding

By compensating these artisans fairly for their work we provide these communities with much-needed financial support and empowerment; by providing the proper respect and context for these crafts we raise awareness of the difficulties these communities face in trying to preserve their way of life.

Gift packaging included

Every diary comes ready to gift, packaged in a Musubi box with a certificate hand-signed by our team of artisans with disabilities. The certificate doubles as a bookmark and has a grid guide sheet printed on its reverse side.